vegetarian and vegan spots in Thessaloniki

5+ 1 vegetarian and vegan spots in Thessaloniki


What comes first in mind when you think of Greek food? Souvlaki, moussaka, keftedes? Well, Greek cuisine has so much more to offer than meat! Fresh vegetables, legumes and cereals are the main ingredients of many delicious dishes. If you are a vegetarian or vegan, look for fava, eggplant salad, grilled mushrooms and more on the menus. And if you are visiting the city, we have collected these 5 + 1 vegetarian and vegan spots in Thessaloniki for you. They all offer a variety of plant based dishes with organic and local products.


The first exclusively vegan and vegetarian restaurant in Thessaloniki. The owners decided to “root” in the atmospheric area of Athonos, next to the traditional handmade basket workshops. Colorful cushions, wooden tables and easy listening music add warmth to the space. Their menu changes with the seasons. The dishes are inspired from traditional Greek and fusion flavors as well. Vegan and gluten free dumplings are our favorite of this season’s menu.

Roots vegeterian Thessaloniki

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Elephant in the room 

This cute place opened recently and has stolen our heart. A minimal space with a very positive energy at the east side of the city. They prepare delicious one pot meals, sandwiches, wholesome grain dishes and desserts. Street food around the globe inspires the chef. Daily dishes are written on the chalkboard with a variety of choices that even the non-vegans will want to taste. If you are a fun of veggie burgers, try the beetroot and quinoa one. Yum!

The Falafel House 

The past few years falafel has taken over the street food of Thessaloniki. Falafel House was the first expert shop of its kind in the city center. The large and flavorful wraps quickly made it well- known among the vegetarian fans. Today they have enriched their menu with more choices, like falafel burgers, sweet wraps and salads. You can also taste some fresh juices made from seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Vegeterian and vegan Thessaloniki

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The Saints Stores

A buffet with a number of vegan choices awaits at The Saints Stores from early morning until night. Their chefs prepare meals with local and organic products, with concern for the environment and the animals. Following an eco-friendly mentality, the restaurant uses biodegradable plates and compost methods for its waste. Also, 5% of every meal’s value is donated to actions that promote human, animal and environment welfare.


Who says that vegetarians and vegans can’t have a sweet tooth? With this in mind, owners of Exereton collected recipes for mouthwatering dairy and gluten free sweet delights. Then they acquired the knowledge and know-how. And the result was this guilt-free heaven; chocolate bars, pralines, fudges, nuts and super foods, just to begin with. The elegant space adds extra value to a visit at this one of a kind shop in Thessaloniki.

Healthy Food Spot

Though not exclusively vegetarian, here you can find sugar, salt, gluten, dairy and meat free choices for a light and tasty meal. They prepare fresh salads, sandwiches, bagels, wraps and desserts based on a nutritional and no additives diet. Coffee, herbal teas, vitamin boost mixers, smoothies and juices are also available. And for the avocado lovers, this is a happy spot!

Vegetarian or vegan, you will have the chance to taste Thessaloniki’s flavors. Explore these special vegetarian and vegan spots in Thessaloniki today and share with us your favorite dish!

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