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Divine Desserts in Athens: 5 finger-licking options


Dining in Greece is always a memorable experience and each meal must finish with a sweet touch. Many restaurants do not have a separate list of sweets and surprise you with the “sweet of the day” that the cook (or the owner’s mum) has prepared. Believe it or not, sweets are the way to a Greek’s heart (pay attention to the many excellent pastry shops in Athens) and Greeks are always in search for something new that exceeds the previous dessert they ate. Discover with us the nicest desserts in Athens and start that diet after next Easter! (Or never!)

Where to try the most finger-licking desserts in Athens?


For traditional Greek desserts you must visit Stani, close to Omonia Square. It is one of the oldest patisseries dating from 1931, that have a large selection of dairy products. Famous for its yoghurt, this small hidden gem is one of the places that many Athenians grew up with. Rice pudding is another delicious treat that will bring back memories from your childhood years. It feels like coming home and mum has made your favorite sweet!

Little Kook

Prepare to be wowed! Well before you reach Little Kook, you see that something is changing. Pittaki street leads up to this spectacular spot and you won’t believe your eyes once you get there. It seems as if you have arrived in the middle of a fairy-tale and to make things even better, they offer a large variety of sweets. Cakes, cupcakes, ice-cream… it’s a dream and you don’t want to wake up. Relive your childhood without feeling guilty!

Athens desserts

Photo credits Little Kook

Le Greche

Any time is ice-cream time! (We did list it as a dessert, but on a hot summer day you don’t want to wait till late at night.) Why not have ice-cream to simply keep you … cool? Or because it is so delicious that you cannot pass by without having some? Located close to Syntagma Square, it is the ideal spot to cool down before you go and watch the Evzones, the change of the guards at the Parliament building.


Greek yogurt is unique and famous for a reason: the thick and creamy texture is so pure and perfect that it can be used in cooking or for desserts. Since we don’t consider the world-famous tzatziki a dessert (yet), we recommend you try the sweet version of Greek yogurt. At Yogolicious you can add whatever topping you like on your frozen yogurt, and the combination of the slightly sour yogurt and sweet toppings is all you need while strolling the streets of Monastiraki.

Nancy’s sweet home

All their sweets are mouth-watering, but you should pay special attention to their syrupy sweets: revani, baklavas and kataifi. Discover the beautiful area of Psyri and sit in the little square while you soak up the local atmosphere. The quaint little streets of this neighborhood offer all-day “entertainment”: galleries, restaurants, bars, shops, boutiques… Nancy’s sweet home is one of the reasons why you will want to return here!

Divine desserts in Athens

Photo credits Nancy’s sweet home

Tell us what desserts in Athens you liked best! How often did you succumb?

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