Laiki agora Greek green market

The green market in Greece – laiki agora- Part 2


We wrote about the green market in Greece, or ‘laiki’, in our previous post, but there is more to tell! Let’s dive in immediately.

Fish and seafood

Fish mongers are always very eager to teach you about their fresh catch of the day. Each and every time you end up with half a kilo of sardines that you can easily turn into a healthy and tasty summer meal! Cooking instructions are offered for free, in English!

Greek market

Eggs & olives

Each market has several egg vendors and they sell lots of eggs. And during Easter time, more eggs. You can’t help but wonder if something has ever gone wrong during transport! And next to the egg vendor you find the olive vendor with the largest selection of olives you can imagine. It speaks for itself that trying is not only allowed, it is mandatory! Don’t forget to buy some pickles to go with that ouzo, okay?

Greek olivesMaking new friends

When you pay your weekly visit to the market and are happy with the quality of the products you have purchased, you obviously go back to the same vendor the next week. He will be waiting for you, greeting you from a distance with a loud cheer. It makes you feel as if you are a family member that he hasn’t seen for a long time.

Difficult times

Vendors make long working days, travelling from the countryside to the big city and driving back again, to prepare their next carload. Despite their tiresome daily program, they are fully aware of the challenges that some people face on a daily basis. Many of them add some extra produce for free, or simply donate a bag full of Greek goodies to those who can’t make ends meet.

While you are doing your shopping, someone may pass you, pushing a cart with sandwiches and grilled meat on skewers. Or he is holding a tray with frappé, the famous Greek cold coffee that you can sip all day long; you never go hungry or thirsty!

Is there an end?

You may think that once you reach the end of the green market in Greece, you have reached the end of the market as well. Surprise: you first pass from the part where you can buy household items (inside info: this is the place where you find nifty kitchen tools such as ‘green bean cleaners’). Next is the part where you can purchase clothing and curtains, pillows, cushions and covers. The end of the market is usually the section where they sell plants, large ceramic pots or carpets in wintertime.

All in all, the Greek green market is a place where you can easily spend a day and time will fly by. Next week, Jimmy will be looking for you!

How long did you manage to hold off buying something? And what yummy item made you give in?


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