shopping in Thessaloniki

Shopping in Thessaloniki: the words that create instant happiness!


When you go shopping in Thessaloniki, it will be a day to remember. In the second largest city of Greece you do not simply run into a store, grab what you need, pay and go home.

No, shopping is considered ‘therapy’ as you plan ahead to get the most out of your day. It is an event!

The city has quaint little streets with small boutiques and large department stores. Trees provide plenty of shade and the city is very much alive with the buzz of traffic and the chatter of its residents.Shopping in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki shopping therapy explained

Now, you want to start your day with a Greek coffee or a famous frappé at Leoforo Nikis. It is the beautiful boulevard that stretches from the port of Thessaloniki until the famous White Tower. It is the perfect moment to enjoy the view and get a taste of what locals do. No need to rush: halara, chill!

However, you may start the day a little later: you are on holidays after all! Why not head straight for a delicious bite at GrEatings? That will definitely give you a good start. But you can always reroute, making sure that an hour later you just happen to pass by again so that you can try that other delicacy!

Something for every budget

Once you have finished your coffee, you may want to stroll up and down Proxenou Koromila. Famous designer boutiques will definitely wow you and tempt you to dress according to the latest fashion. However, if this area only allows for window-shopping, please move on to Mitropoleos and Tsimiski, the main shopping streets that hold surprises for every budget. Here you may find many international boutiques as well as some of the most renowned department stores in the city.

If you stroll a bit further, you may want to walk from Tsimiski to Aghia Sophia, the well known iconic, orthodox church. Make sure to have a look at the archaeological excavations that have taken place in this street and try to imagine what this city must have looked like in ancient times!

Agia Sofia Thessaloniki

All those souvenir shops

Just like in every other city that has been discovered and loved by tourists, there will be shops that sell all kinds of touristy and kitschy ‘pieces of art’, but you will also discover many shops that breathe a new type of souvenir, for example locally produced skincare made of mastic, the ingredient found on Chios island with its distinctive and beneficial characteristics. And what about all the stores with all those delicious Greek foods? Packed and preserved to last a long way in your suitcase; what are you waiting for? People back home want to taste what you are telling them about…

Thessaloniki shopping centers

You could also be on your way to Halkidiki and after having spent hours in the car, Mediterranean Cosmos shopping center is the perfect place to stretch your legs. It is on the main road that leads from Thessaloniki to Halkidiki and there are plenty of parking spots. You can enjoy your shopping spree without the stress of having to find a spot for your car! And when you are hungry or thirsty, just hop into the food court with a grand variety of restaurants. A meal and a drink recharge your batteries for another couple of hours of happy shopping! And best of all? It has air-conditioning…

One Salonica is the place to be if you want to shop till you drop. It is an outlet mall right after the harbor of Thessaloniki, offering a large variety of brands.

In a nutshell: shopping in Thessaloniki is about having a good time. Even if you do not have a large amount to spend, there are plenty of things that can be enjoyed!

Let us know what you enjoyed most!


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