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Explore the sweetest places for dessert in Thessaloniki


Sometimes, dessert is the perfect conclusion of a nice meal. Other times, you might just skip meal for the perfect dessert. Either way, these ten spots for dessert in Thessaloniki will talk straight to your heart. Get the chance to try some traditional Greek treats and a few international flavors from the sweetest shops in the city.

Thessaloniki deserts


A pastry shop well known for its high quality, elegance, welcoming ambience and “mille-feuille”, Napoleon’s favorite dessert . It was back in 1954 when Konstantinidis’ family first created their own mille-feuille recipe. Layers of delicate puff pastry with smooth custard cream in between, coated with fluffy whipped cream and a dust of powdered sugar, it became their trademark offering. As soon as you order one, the chefs will prepare it at the open workshop, right in front of your eyes. And though mille-feuille is their trademark, every single one of their desserts tastes heavenly!


Another pastry shop with a long history and persistence in high quality. Since 1973 Galyfianakis is known for the “galaktoboureko”, and the locals trust it blindfoldedly. Galaktoboureko is a traditional Greek dessert with many layers of filo pastry and rich, fluffy cream. It is slow-baked in the oven and dressed with hot syrup as soon as it gets out. Those who know prefer it warm, while all the ingredients are still releasing their aromas.


In this little shop with considerable expertise in traditional food delicacies you will discover a heaven of powdered sugar. Delicious bites of soft and colorful “loukoumi”, the Greek delight, covered with confectioner’s sugar adorn the displays. Papadopoulos family opened their first shop almost 70 years ago and have been making Thessaloniki’s most classic desserts ever since. Did you know that loukoumi is the best accompaniment for Greek coffee?


When you visit a Greek house, it is a tradition to bring a box of treats along. Foil wrapped chocolates is the present that perfectly fits the situation. Hatzifotiou is an expert in this field for 7 decades now. Almond and plum rocks, chocolate cigars, wafers and a wide range ofdelicacies satisfy the most demanding customers. For chocolate lovers who want to try something special, “carioca” is a top choice: a mix of milk chocolate, sponge crumbs, syrup and walnuts coated with dark chocolate.


Speaking of chocolate, have you tried a Greek “profiterole” yet? Though the original French profiteroles don’t have chocolate, in Greece they do! Choureal looks like a little dessert boutique, where you can compound your own, personalized profiterole. Fresh choux pastry balls form the base, while custard or ice cream and different kinds of velvety chocolate go on top. And as if this isn’t enough, you can put some extra nuts, fruits or biscuit to garnish. A true sweet sin.

Vanilla Gelateria 

It is hard not to include ice cream, when looking for a dessert in Thessaloniki. At the end of Mitropoleos street, Vanilla Gelateria prepares fresh, natural ice cream all year round. They highly value the use of seasonal ingredients, thus the flavors change with seasons. However, you will always find some classic ones, like vanilla and chocolate, as well as some Greek, like “baklava”. Whichever you like better, they are all made by Louizos, a true Italian gelato lover and the owner himself.


Just a few meters further, you will discover the world of “Sugarela”. Pretty cakes and cookies decorated with colorful sugar paste and glaze make the little window a tiny sweet wonderland. The smell inside the shop is also magic, coming from the ovens baking goods frequently and in small batches daily. Which means that everything is always fresh, tasting as good as it looks!

Eri’s Donuts 

On the same street, in a small corner shop, Tasos decided to make his love for donuts a profession. Former basket player and a big fan of Dunkin Donuts, he introduced Thessaloniki to the real American style donuts. They bake daily, and sometimes you might get a donut still warm. With more than 15 different fillings and various toppings you can make your own combinations on spot. Tasos says tahini and apricot marmalade is one of his favorites. Yummy!


About ten minutes from the city center, you can taste another of Thessaloniki’s famous desserts . “Mpezes” is a treat made of two meringues and whipped cream in between. Like a cloud made of sugar! Mr. Manolis was a mpezes master for 48 years, until 2013 when his son Argyris took over to continue the legacy. Get the chance to try their delicious Pavlova as well, along with a nice cup of coffee or tea.


It is like a sweet treats wonderland popped out of the “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory”. Inside this red and white striped shop await treats of all kinds. Vintage style metal boxes fill the shelves around the walls and childhood memories awake. Chocolates, marzipan, candied fruits and so much more to choose from. Even their display is a delight itself.

desserts in thessaloniki

It all looks sweeter after a visit at these lovely places where you can have your dessert in Thessaloniki. We would like to hear about your favorite sweet corners in your city!

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