Go greener: vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Athens


Gone are the days when vegetarianism was a ‘fashion thing’ and everyone thought that vegetarians only eat green salad. As more and more people turn vegetarian or vegan, either because of their love and respect for animals or for health reasons, a new market has emerged. Nowadays, this group of people has become significantly large and they have also and righteously become more demanding. If you cater to them, you’d better come up with something better than a plain green salad. We decided to propose some nice vegetarian restaurants in Athens: follow us!

Unknowingly vegetarian

To be honest, Greece still lags a bit behind when it comes to creative meals for those who have gone green. Traditionally, the Greek kitchen offers quite a few dishes that are vegetarian without being called so; they are inherent in Greek cuisine. Pulses such as green beans, lentils or chickpeas are very popular meals and the same is true for beans, okra or peas. No need to worry if you are visiting a Greek tavern: there are always several vegetarian or vegan-friendly dishes on the menu. Be prepared though, as many still haven’t figured out the exact definition of this ‘new’ terminology. On the other hand, there are many new restaurants that give a new twist to Greek cuisine without compromising its famous quality, and they increasingly focus on including vegetarian options as well. 

Let’s focus on finding the most popular vegetarian restaurants in Athens!


Their love and compassion for animals prompted Vivi and Eraj to create this haven for healthful living. Their philosophy is to use local, seasonal and organic produce whenever possible. ‘Let love in, let love out’ is the credo, and at Avocado many share this view and their love for delicious food. Whether it is a pasta or rice dish, a sandwich, a burger or a pizza: at Avocado food is a synonym for pleasure! Did you know that you can even take out your meal?

Mama Tierra

Mother Earth’s chef gets his inspiration from every corner of the world. He also wants to teach us that vegan and vegetarian meals can be diverse and nutritious. At Mama Tierra they want their meals to be accessible for every budget and delicious at the same time. Try the vegan burger or falafel and you will drop that pin on the map: trust us!

Photo credits: Mama Tierra

Vegan Nation

If you just take a good look at the photos, you will make sure that a visit is part of today’s itinerary. Reasonably priced, this small and popular gem is quick at providing you with a snack, small meal or sweet. Sugar-free vegan cheesecake is only one of the options that will make your day. The food is prepackaged and the shelves are restocked with new, freshly made meals. That means that you do not have to worry about the freshness. You can either sit inside or take the food along while you discover the Monastiraki neighborhood. What more could you wish for? Was that your tummy rumbling?

Now you are all ready to start your exploration of Athens while pinning these lovely restaurants on your map. Feel free to check out traditional restaurants as well, though!

Did you enjoy your visit to the restaurants we selected for you? What was the most delicious bite you had?


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