where to eat in Athens

Where to eat in Athens: must-try Greek dishes


Stuffed vine leaves, chickpeas, lamb chops…  Are you hungry yet? Let’s be honest: when you visit Greece, you want to soak up local culture. A tour of the ancient sites is your number one priority, but exploring the Athenian culinary scene should certainly be part of your cultural experience. Where to eat in Athens?

Fresh and pure ingredients form the base of good dining in Greece

Greek food in Greece tastes differently from what you have eaten at your local restaurant. It doesn’t depend on cooking skills, but on the ingredients the cook has access to. And where else can those ingredients be better than in Greece? Whether you are visiting the countryside or the metropolis Athens, the green markets will amaze you. You will notice that Greeks are very picky about which products they buy as they take great pride in their cuisine and they go to great lengths to ensure the best meal.

Let us fill you in on where to eat in Athens!

spots where to eat in Athens

Ta Karamanlidika tou Fani 

A visit to the Varvakeios Agora is not complete without meze at this hot spot. Make no mistake, meze may sound as if they are appetizers, but nothing could be further from the truth. All these small, different dishes allow you to spend hours in this place, and the best thing is that you can try something new every time. And you will not go hungry, that is for sure. Cold cuts, smoked fish, salads and meat dishes are only a few of the traditional Greek bites that you can taste here.

Ama Laxei

As one of their guest puts it: order the chickpeas and when you are finished, order some more! If their chickpeas are so delicious, imagine what the other dishes will be like. Meatballs with ouzo? Cheese from Chios island with tomato marmalade? Take your time for your stroll uphill in this very interesting Athenian neighborhood, as it has some wonderful artwork to present to you.


Traditional. Greek. And fantastic dolmadakia (stuffed vineleaves). This family tavern brings you authentic flavors in a Cretan environment, delivered to you in Athens. And what about juicy lamb chops? Or are you in for a typical Cretan delight: snails stifado (in an onion & tomato sauce)?  Taverns that are popular with locals always deliver value for money so you can’t go wrong, whatever you choose. If you wish, order several different dishes, put them in the middle so that everyone can try, and discover your new favorite Greek dish!

Mani Mani

Your chance to see how Greek cuisine embraces modern influences. At Mani Mani, the chef prepares the dishes with fresh produce and gives them a modern twist. Yet, he stays true to Mani Mani’s roots: the beautiful area of Mani, in the southern Peloponnese. You must try the pockets filled with manouri cheese, Florina peppers, rosemary and tomato sauce. Just try to imagine this dish and try it once you are in Athens. Thank us later!

where to eat in Athens Greece

Funky Gourmet

Georgianna and Nick both have a degree in culinary arts and they have extensive experience working abroad. Upon their return, they joined forces with Argyro and together they created this new high-end concept where they ‘married’ art with great food. They use Greek products and offer innovative dining that is bound to activate your senses. Try the tartare or one of their different approaches to well known Greek dishes. A wonderful idea for those who are looking for something new.

Have you decided where to eat in Athens? And who will you take along for an unforgettable night out?


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