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That’s the spirit: Cocktail bars in Athens


It’s beginning to look a lot like… cocktails! It may be winter, but the sun is warming our hearts and we believe this calls for a drink at some of the finest cocktail bars in Athens.

Traditional drinks such as wine, tsipouro and ouzo are always part of life in Greece. It is even safe to say that it is part of daily life, because you may either have a quick shot of tsipouro or have lunch with ouzo and meze. Hey, what can you do? If life gives you grapes…

If you’ve already sampled the traditional drinks, you may want to visit several cocktail bars in Athens. It is quite hard to say which is the best, as it largely depends on what you are looking for. Two things are not negotiable though: your cocktail must be of excellent quality and the bar must have high standards, wanting to serve only the best.

Say ‘yamas’ at these cocktail bars in Athens

Let’s admit it: it is a great feeling when you can casually tell your friends that you have been enjoying drinks at one of The 50 Best Cocktail Bars in the world. We proudly present to you #6 on the list, right here in Athens: The Clumsies! Nikos and Vassilis are award-winning bartenders and have teamed up with three businessmen in the hospitality sector. This has led to the ultimate cocktail of fantastic drinks, a wonderful atmosphere and genuine hospitality.

top cocktail bars in athens

We have another surprise for you…

Athens hosts another great bar on this list! Baba Au Rum has been awarded and recognized as one of the best rum bars in the world, but their other cocktails should by no means go unnoticed. Mouthwatering descriptions of their cocktails will make it hard for you to choose. Guess you will have to stay a bit longer, eh?

A bar that is quite hard to find, but worth the effort

The Speakeasy: hidden in a small street close to Syntagma Square, this cocktail bar looks like you are entering a normal apartment. Behind the front door, however, you will enter the American 1930s. The Speakeasy often organizes live music events to turn your evening into an even more unforgettable happening. All you need to do is enjoy your drink and the ambiance.

best cocktail bars in athens

If you love great views…

When visiting Athens, the Acropolis will be the temporary center of your universe and it offers spectacular views at night. Imagine that you are holding a delicious cocktail in your hand, musing about the history of the city at 360°, a rooftop cocktail bar at Monastiraki Square… If you would like to soak up the atmosphere but you don’t drink alcohol, don’t worry as they have a great selection of non-alcoholic choices. These nights are true souvenirs; if only they would put that cocktail in a bottle as well… Oh well, it gives you just one more reason to come back next year!

Would you like to try something completely different?

Pay a visit to MoMix, a molecular mixology bar, and forget about the traditional cocktail with that tiny umbrella perched on top of it. At MoMix, science meets flavor and art, turning a casual drink into a true experience. Who said you can’t study and drink at the same time?

Epiculiar tour Athens

We have mapped these 5 popular cocktail bars in Athens for you and they are within walking distance of each other. Isn’t it time to propose an evening walk? Which bar is your favorite?


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