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Athens street food: The best way to discover the city


Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe… Maybe this children’s rhyme helps you decide which Athens street food you will eat, as there are so many options. Sweet or savory, big or small, snack or meal: you won’t go hungry, that’s for sure.

Whatever you do, you start the day with a coffee. Greeks love their coffee and they can drink it all day. You may want to try a Greek coffee, thick and rich in flavor, or a frappé for a change. A visit to 2 Goulies & 2 Boukies  guarantees waking up your taste buds because your excellent coffee will be brewed by award-winning baristas.

Athens street food

Wherever you go in the early morning hours in Athens, you see street vendors selling ‘koulouri’. It is a pretzel-like snack that Athenians grab in the morning on their way to work. Popular with adults and children alike, ‘koulouria’ come either plain or with raisins, nuts or even olives.

If you want something more filling, why not take some of the traditional pies at Fillo. Pies are an integral part of Greek cuisine and almost every family makes pies, either for breakfast, as a side dish or as a snack. Even though spinach and cheese pies are the most popular types, there are also special editions containing minced meat, chicken or vegetables such as zucchini or pumpkin. You can’t go wrong though, they are always crusty and delicious.

After a stroll in the center of Athens, it is time to head to Kostas. You may have to look twice to find this tiny little place, but if you spot a queue, simply line up behind. You will be rewarded with a fantastic souvlaki; a pita bread filled with meat, tomato, onion and the best homemade tomato sauce.

After all the walking you have deserved a sweet!

In Aiolou Street, Lukumades adds a sweet touch to your day. In ancient times, these golden dough balls covered with honey and cinnamon were a treat for the participants at the Olympic Games. Now, it is your chance to enjoy them at the foot of the Acropolis Hill.

Athens street food sweets

If you head further down to Psyri, one of the trendy neighborhoods of Athens, you can indulge in another type of typical Greek sweet: bougatsa at Bougatsadiko I Thessaloniki. A phyllo dough package filled with creamy custard will tickle your taste buds. You will certainly want to pinpoint this place on the map!

Which of these fabulous places will you visit first? Post a selfie in the comments while taking a big bite of your favorite Greek street food!


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