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Breakfast in Thessaloniki – the best excuse for waking up early!


They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and we agree. Whatever your plans are for the day, it all looks brighter after a nice and filling breaky. When it comes to breakfast in Thessaloniki, you may find it a bit hard to choose the best option. Warm pies, sandwiches, omelets, cakes and many more! We’ve come to the rescue with this foodie guide and all the yummy places for a delightful breakfast.

Pastry for breakfast in Thessaloniki

Neon Bougatsa

Starting with the most traditional breakfast in Thessaloniki, we stop at Neon. It stands opposite the beautiful building of Thessaloniki’s Conservatory, on the busy small street of Leontos Sofou since the 1970s. Two brothers, both called Valantis, continue the legacy their grandfather left behind. They still make their own phyllo pastry with the family recipe, by hand. The smell of the freshly baked pies is exquisite and unique. Our tip: if you can’t choose between savory and sweet, have both. Ask for a half portion with feta and half with custard cream.


Our next stop is “Mono”, in the heart of the city, in the galleries of Aristotelous Square. A recent addition to the breakfast hot spots in Thessaloniki that has turned into an addiction. They bake savory goods with their secret-recipe crust on a daily basis. Order a panini, a delicious grilled sandwich, with crispy fresh bread, cold cuts, cheeses and greens. And breakfast wouldn’t be complete without a good quality coffee and one of their power food fresh juices. Last but not least: they have the loveliest, smiling personnel. Aren’t these enough reasons to love this place?


At Flavors you will feel like home. It is a small, cozy all-day bistrot at the elegant street of Karolou Ntil (Karl Diehl). For those working in the neighborhood it is their favorite spot to grab an early coffee, but it is also an excellent choice to simply enjoy your breakfast in Thessaloniki. In case you are late for breakfast, why not enjoy your lunch here with an excellent glass of wine? Their personalized service makes this the perfect place for you. Everything is prepared just in front of you with the freshest ingredients for a balanced and nutritious meal. And in case you love smoked salmon, ask for their suggestion and we promise you won’t be disappointed.


Koukos is another place that loves to make its visitors feel like home. Follow your nose and look for the cuckoo clock and the little red shop opposite the Metropolis of Thessaloniki. Any nostalgia for mum’s baking goods can be satisfied in this bakery. You can actually have a look at the whole journey of their products, as they make, bake and serve in open view. Best seller is their secret recipe “tyropitaki”, a crispy phyllo bite filled with feta cheese. But our favorite is their unique combination of a traditional koulouri and loukoumas: a syrupy doughnut with sesame that tastes like nothing else.

Oi pites tis Voulas

If you want to experience a real Greek mother’s breakfast, we could not miss ‘Voula’s pies’. Three years ago, good friends Maria and Ismini wanted to open their own shop in the heart of Thessaloniki. They also wanted to continue Voula’s tradition in making rustic pies and the idea quickly materialized. The crunchy crust, the rich filling and the variety of flavors rapidly made them famous. Names such as “succulent chicken pie”, “rich ham and cheese pie” and “divine cream pie” hint about why they are to die for.

breakfast in Thessaloniki

Piece of Cake

And after a piece of pie it is time for a piece of cake! On the narrow street of Chrysostomou Smyrnis, among the lovely designers’ boutiques, awaits this peculiar café. A boutique of its own, with an arty decoration full of character and style. Fresh flowers in the vases and good music complete the warm atmosphere. Great varieties of coffee, teas and hot chocolate that you can accompany with the delicious homemade daily bake. Cupcakes, red velvet and dreamy chocolate pie, handmade with love.


However, if you feel the need for a more complete breakfast in Thessaloniki, Blackberry is your place. This bright corner shop on the green street of Agiou Mina is minimalistic and fresh. You will find the owner Antonis preparing the coffees, always with a big smile and glad to help with any query. Try the rich omelets and the oven baked sandwiches with Greek products. And don’t forget to ask for the daily specials. This breakfast will make you feel ready to explore the city!


Yet, in case you feel like treating yourself a little bit more special, visit Canteen. Although a restaurant, it is mostly famous for its all-day breakfast and brunch menu. The golden pancakes are legendary, whether you chose to have them sweet or savory. Seasonal choices with fresh fruits and chocolate cream, sizzling bacon and poached eggs, grilled vegetables and local cheeses. All these in a tranquil and modern space, with attention to detail. Take your time and enjoy every bite…


And as there are days when we like to stay in bed a bit longer, we are glad we can have brunch. Thessbrunch has been the talk of the town since last May when it was first organized in the city. It is a new brunch concept that “tours” the hotels of Thessaloniki every Saturday and Sunday. Each hotel creates a special menu, just for those who choose to have brunch with them. A great chance to explore the gastronomic scene of Thessaloniki’s hotels through local and international flavors.


You are not a breakfast person? Maybe after this foodies’ guide for breakfast in Thessaloniki you see things differently. Let us know which one was your personal favorite.


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