Athens restaurants: 3 must-try tavernas in Athens


Where to eat in Athens?

Sightseeing is a feast for the eye, but we have to take care of our other senses too. If you are visiting Athens for a few days, you want to take the best memories home with you. Today we want to propose some of the top restaurants and tavernas in Athens, off the beaten track, and to show you where locals gather.

Greek cuisine, traditional and modern

Greek cuisine has been admired and widely promoted for many years now. It is not only tasteful but also very healthy. If you have ever visited the green market in Greece, you have surely witnessed how beneficial the Greek climate is to all the vegetables and fruits grown under the Greek sun. ‘Sunkissed’ tomatoes simply taste so much better, don’t they?

Tavernas in Athens offer a great variety of traditional dishes and it is great fun to hear the waiter rattle off the entire, often lengthy, menu. Of course, you can’t understand or remember what he said, so he will readily repeat. It is very common for the cook to prepare a ‘dish of the day’ when they come across some very good quality products that are too good to pass up.

Athens restaurants

Tavernas in Athens for a real Greek experience

Fish tavern ‘O Kapetanios’

Fresh fish is popular and widely available, as well as other seafood. The Greek seas provide delicious fish and there are plenty of traditional seafood tavernas that are affordable for everyone. At fish tavern ‘O Kapetanios’ (The Captain) you will experience how Greeks select and prepare their fish. You get the chance to live a truly Greek night out, while authentic and mouthwatering dishes will confirm why Greek food is healthy and popular.


Picturesque, cozy and lovely food are keywords to best describe this taverna. Tucked away in a little square and close to the central open market, this gem gives joy to locals and tourists alike without compromising its Greek character. Add to this live music and staff who like their work and you have a wonderful memory to cherish when your stay in Athens comes to an end.

Taverns in Athens

Kebabzidiko Kyr Aristos

Here, you are among the locals, off the beaten track, yet close to the city center. You may have to wait a bit to get a table, but oh boy… it’s worth the wait! The tavern is full of chatter and laughter of families and friends having a good time and enjoying traditional food. Fresh products and high quality meat are combined to create scrumptious meals, with influences from Asia Minor. It is the kind of tavern that you would gladly return to the next day to try the other attractive options on the menu.

Tag a friend that you would like to take for dinner in Athens! Which type of meal would you prefer?


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