the best gyros in Thessaloniki

Are you up for some best gyros in Thessaloniki treasure hunt?


You are visiting Thessaloniki and feel like tasting something really Greek. There is a very tempting smell in the air. Like barbecue, but not exactly. You can hear your stomach calling you…

We think it is time for you to taste the best gyros in Thessaloniki. So let us tell you about the places locals go to for real deal; then you can decide which one was the best!


In one of the most central spots of the city, just a few meters from the White Tower and the waterfront, you will find Diagonios. At this place they know what best gyros in Thessaloniki means since 1977. Everything is prepared and made in the restaurant’s kitchen, from soutzoukakia (Greek Kebab), to salads and traditional sauces. The clean, old fashioned and family environment completes the homemade feeling in here. If only Greek mums could make gyros at home!

best gyros in Thessaloniki


Therefore, if a mother could make gyros at home, probably it would look and taste like the one at Katsamaka. The owners here prepare their own gyros and actually cook it in spins over a barbecue fire. Located at Athonos Square, it is a locals’ spot, not only for this delicacy, but also for other kinds of meat spins and special in-house dishes. The recently renovated space reminds you of the good old days and it hosts a small shop with handmade and special food products from the area.

Gyros tis Ellados

Gyros is their name, making the best gyros in Thessaloniki is their duty! In this place they love to bring friends around the table for some good food, a drink and lots of fun and laughter. They offer a great variety of appetizers, side dishes and of course meat. The friendly and smiling personnel and the easy-going atmosphere is just the “cherry on the cake” or should we say the “tzatziki in the gyros”?


About 20 years ago, two friends working at the meat market, decided to open a small food place. Today they have three shops where they can proudly claim to make the best gyros in Thessaloniki. A fresh, modern view of Greek fast food, with focus on quality and value for money. Special salads, local sausages, traditional cheese recipes and well done gyros of course, in satisfying portions at every dish. Just a mouthwatering experience…

Food Plaza 

In case you want to have a walk in the suburb of Kalamaria, make sure you stop here for food. It is a hot spot for locals and their Sunday lunch with the family. And you know that can only mean one thing. Good food! A cozy place at the busy Skra Square with various choices of spins, burgers, soups and imaginative classic recipe twists. They pay attention to detail, speed of service and putting a smile on their visitors’ faces. And also, if you have kids, here they can enjoy kids menu and game corner.

best gyros in Thessaloniki

Grill Nikos

A traditional place that keeps things simple but tasty since 1983. Here you will experience the way gyros places used to be. A family business with typical gyros “sandwich”, as it is called in Thessaloniki, well-known in the neighbourhood. Close to a park in a quiet spot of Kalamaria, Nikos is perfect for a summer night with friends. Eventually, it is nice returning to the simple things in life, like good food.


Last but not least, a truly authentic place to have the best gyros in Thessaloniki. A hidden gem that only the real local foodies know. They like to come here after a long work day, for a nice cold beer and a bite of well-done, crispy gyros. The place inside is small and nothing too fancy. Although, when you sit outside on a summer evening, you will feel the friendly and relaxed atmosphere of an unpretentious place like this. Because what really matters here, is good gyros and “kali kardia” (good heart) as Greeks say.

By now you must feel the need to have some of the best gyros in Thessaloniki. We do! So, come on, let us know which one is your number one.


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