Feta cheese

Why you should start eating real, Greek feta cheese


Once you learn how to use feta cheese, there is no way back!

If you grow up in Greece, there always is feta on the dinner table, but it is indeed an acquired taste, so you should not feel bad if it doesn’t steal your heart right away. Give it a chance and before you know it…. It has a very distinctive, strong flavour and it is not the kind of cheese that you would put in your ham & cheese sandwich (although even that is an option!). However, once you have tried a few of those traditional dishes containing tomatoes, spinach, eggplant or even pasta, you will understand how feta elevates those dishes and you will crave it very soon!Feta cheese and melitzanosalata

Indulge in the healthiest cheese

The good news is that feta is also very beneficial for you, so you do not need to feel guilty about enjoying your meal. It contains a lot of vitamin A, calcium and magnesium, which are very important for the development of young children’s bones. Vitamin B6 plays a significant role for the health of your eyes, hair, skin and liver. Since feta cheese contains a lot of protein, it may help in lowering your risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. Indeed, it contains a lot of sodium as well, but you do not need to add as much salt to your meal as you would have without using feta, and as with all the good things in life, moderation is the keyword here.

Real feta cheese – no cow milk!

As original feta is made from sheep and/or goat milk, it is very suitable for people with an allergy against cow milk. Products made from sheep or goat milk are much easier to digest and allow people with allergies to enjoy cheese as well. You may wonder though, remembering some label in the supermarket that said the feta was made of cow milk. Well, that is not the real thing. As with all products, it is wise to read the labels first and best of all, go for a locally produced, organic product.

Where and how to use feta cheese

Cut a thick slice of feta, put it in a wrapping of aluminum foil with a slice of tomato, green pepper (hot pepper if you wish) and some olive oil. Place it in the oven  at a high temperature and  serve it with some bread, it makes a wonderful starter or side-dish.

For many, especially children, spinach is equivalent to tasteless food. This is where feta comes in and it turns this rather bland veggie into the perfect snack, meal or even a dish for when you have friends coming over. It is worth trying to make a spinach pie! Don’t worry, it seems a lot more difficult than it really is and your children will thank you. It is a wonderful way of getting your children to eat their veggies. That is, if there is any left when they return from school…

And for all the vegetarians out there, try Greek lentil soup with crumbled feta on top. Accompanied by big chunks of traditional white bread, it provides a quick, healthy and – above all – delicious meal. No wonder it is on the weekly menu in almost every Greek household.Market Thessaloniki feta cheese

Unexpected attack on your taste buds

We have kept the best secret till the end though! After all this talk about using feta in savory dishes, try some feta with … melon. Yes, melon! The combination of salty and sweet is so good that you will never want to eat melon in a different way again, promise.

Will you try melon with feta cheese? Have you tried a wonderful recipe with feta? Please share it with us in the comments!


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