Best Athens Cafes: 3+1 must-visit cafes in Athens


Best Athens Cafes – places to remember

Let’s be honest: we can’t do without coffee! Gone are the days when we brewed some brownish, indefinable stuff at home. Nowadays we appreciate and expect high-quality coffee. In Greece, going out for a coffee is part of the Greek culture, a pastime that lasts for hours. Have your coffee at a traditional coffee house called ‘kafeneion’, or at one of the many trendy bars. You decide whether Best Athens Cafes refers to the best quality coffee or to the place with the best vibe. Or the best view.

Once you have decided where you will have your coffee, the difficult part starts: what coffee should you order?

Why not have it all and let us take you to the best Athens cafes!

2 Goulies kai 2 Boukies

The name may be hard to pronounce, but that should not keep you from visiting Nikos! Nikos is a truly hospitable barista, who enjoys brewing a perfect cup of coffee and he loves educating people about their daily fix. Nikos and his friendly fellow baristas Tania and Thodoros have won many awards and take great pride in serving the best quality coffee. They also have some really tasty yoghurts, cakes and other yummy bites if you want to have breakfast or a healthy snack! A lot of attention is even paid to the water they serve, which may seem unimportant, but it shows their dedication to details.

Drupes & Drips

We’ll let you in on a not so well-kept secret: there is more to Drupes & Drips than excellent coffee alone. Around noon time, this tiny, yet cosy bar gets a big make-over and turns into a Spritzeria! Artemis loves making his guests feel welcome in his ‘home’ and he will make your visit one to remember. Are you worried that you might get hungry? Choose from the delicious cheeses and cold cuts in their ‘cantina’ section and before you know it, you have spent the day there and have lots of new, local friends. In the early morning hours, pop into Takis’ Bakery across the road and get as many of those lovely bites as you can handle. Then, enjoy them with that lovely coffee at Drupes & Drips!

Black Duck Garden

The Garden is part of the Athens City Museum and is a true oasis in the heart of this bustling city. About 180 years ago, this house was the first residence of Otto, the first King of Greece. Queen Amalia designed the garden, which also included the square in front of the building, now Klafthmonos Square. The Black Duck Garden is the perfect spot for catching up with your friends in the intimacy of ‘your’ backyard.

best Athens cafes


The square, cafe and neighbouring open-air cinema got their name from the water reservoir that was built during Hadrian’s reign. Around 1900, this cafe used to be a popular place among the literati of Athens. Nowadays, the Kolonaki area is one of the posh neighbourhoods of Athens and this cafe is an excellent place to meet the locals. Where else would it be more appropriate to drink a Greek, traditional coffee or a refreshing frappé? Come for a coffee in the morning, stay for meze at lunchtime and experience the open-air cinema at night. This is how you spend a perfect day in Athens.

Do you prefer your coffee in the morning or would you rather have a cuppa after your nap? Have you tried traditional, Greek coffee yet?


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