Best seafood restaurants in Thessaloniki

Explore 5 of the best seafood restaurants in Thessaloniki


It is almost impossible, when you think of Greek food, not to include seafood in your menu. The Aegean Sea offers the best quality fresh fish, small or big and other types of delicious seafood. Because of its location, Thessaloniki is a city closely connected with the sea. You can experience it at its fish markets and also at its taverns and seafood restaurants. So, if you find yourself in the city, don’t forget to taste some authentic recipes.

We have chosen 5 of the best seafood restaurants in Thessaloniki just for you!

seafood restaurants in Thessaloniki

Ta Bakaliarakia tou Aristou

A place with a rich history and tradition in Greek fish and chips. Opposite the port of Thessaloniki, this eatery has been here for over 70 years. It is a family business, established by grandfather Aristos, and it has kept its flavors unchanged over the decades. They serve the best fried codfish in crispy batter along with freshly cut chips. The traditional Greek complement of fried codfish is “skordalia”, a sauce which you prepare with lots of garlic (skordo), walnuts and bread. Just make sure it is not a date night…! You might meet many locals waiting for their order. Don’t worry! It is worth the short wait to “experience authentic tastes of the city” as mentioned in a National Geographic’s feature story for Thessaloniki.

7 Thalasses

In the small and quiet pedestrian street of Kalapothaki, in the heart of the city, you find one of the most famous seafood restaurants in Thessaloniki. An elegant space, with a light touch of island decoration, where friends love to gather and enjoy a fine meal. The restaurant offers a high cuisine menu with fish and seafood being the main ingredient. A carefully selected wine list is the finishing touch to your experience. “Mydopilafo” is your must-try here; a traditional, Greek risotto with mussels. And once you try “mydopilafo”, you vow to return!


Kalapothaki street is home to another seafood restaurant, well known for twenty years now, thanks to its quality and attention to detail! The chef creates dishes with fresh fish and vegetables that launch the flavors of the ingredients to a new level. Traditional dishes with a modern twist offer a unique experience of Greek seafood cuisine to the visitor. Enjoy the seafood plateau with grilled shrimps, octopus, mackerel, smoked eel, shrimp roe, tomato pesto and beetroot puree. What better way to feel the flavors of the Aegean caressing your palate?

top seafood restaurants in Thessaloniki


One of the latest additions to the gastronomic scene of Thessaloniki. They have charmed their guests with the minimalistic atmosphere and the meticulous way the chefs prepare and present every dish. A peaceful space, with natural materials and jazz music, just a few meters from the seafront and the Concert Hall of Thessaloniki. The first thing you notice is the open kitchen, where chefs create with devotion. You just feel like standing there all night, gazing at them while they chop and cook… Mesmerizing! “We trust our fisherman more than anyone, as he brings us the treasures of North Aegean Sea”, the owners proudly say. The menu is based on the traditional Mediterranean diet, adjusted to the tastes of urban life. All dishes are made with fresh products from small family businesses and local producers.

Mavri Thalassa

This seafood restaurant in Thessaloniki has been serving pure seafood and fish flavors since 1926! A nice excuse to visit the area of Kalamaria and taste for yourself what locals call top seafood cuisine. The philosophy of this restaurant is based on simplicity. It is a place where you taste all the true aromas and flavors of the sea. Old-fashioned dishes like steamed mussels, white fish roe and politiki lakerda (traditional pickled bonito dish from Constantinople). Or try modern twists like red mullet carpaccio and spaghetti with shrimps. These are only some of their delicacies. Here, you don’t know what to choose, you just want it all! A wide range of wine etiquettes is also available in order to satisfy your taste buds. Last but not least, the tranquility of the space will make your meal a unique experience

Are you still looking for reasons to try some seafood? Come over and tell us about your favorite seafood restaurants in Thessaloniki!


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