Pastry shops in Athens

The 5 best pastry shops in Athens – for connoisseurs


Greeks love sweets. For many, hardly a day goes by without eating a sweet and they do not mind traveling a bit to get the best of the best. A big variety of sweets is available in Greece, as there has been a large influence from Asia Minor as well as from western Europe. Let’s not waste time and check out the best pastry shops in Athens. We will tell you which sweet will make you lick your fingers!

To satisfy your sweet tooth, we present to you the 5 best pastry shops in Athens:

Konstandinidis Pastry Shops

A household name: this family name is synonym with the best ‘millefeuille’ in Greece. Somehow their chefs have managed to create this wonderful sweet that is yet so light that you decide to have one more bite… and another one… and… (Manager Kostas at Syggrou Avenue is the living proof that pastries make people happy! Watch him at work in the open work space at their beautiful store and you will understand.)

The Konstandinidis history of pastry-making started in 1920 in Asia Minor. When the family came to Greece, they brought along the techniques for making all kinds of sweets, such as baklava and other delicacies.

You cannot leave their magnificent store without trying their award-winning pistachio ice cream. Have some of that intriguing Madagascar vanilla ice-cream as well. Wanna bet you will visit the other 9 superb Athenian shops as well to keep on trying?Best pastry shops in Athens

The Dark Side of Chocolate

If you are in the mood for chocolate, Aristotle Panagiotaros will take you to chocolate heaven. He creates chocolates with bold flavours such as lime, rosemary, cardamom, allspice or basil. Now that summer is over it is time to try out the fantastic hot chocolate he makes.


Kosmikon is the place to be for ‘galaktoboureko’, the Greek answer to millefeuille. It is one of those many delicious influences from Asia Minor. The difference with millefeuille is that the phyllo dough is baked in the oven, together with the cream. On holidays and namedays you will see many people queueing outside, all waiting for a ‘tapsi’. Definitely worth the trip!

Vomvylas Loukoumi

These fantastic sweets must be on your list. You may argue that these ‘Greek delights’ are technically speaking not a pastry. Just go ahead and taste them and you will forget what you were saying. The Vomvylas family produces the best quality loukoumi with the most delicate flavours and best gooey structure. The smallest ‘loukoumia’ are great for your handbag; just leave the bag open so that you can pop them into your mouth!

Greek delight loukoumi


‘Tsoureki’ is available in many varieties. This Greek brioche is traditionally connected to Easter, but it is available all year round. Its unique and distinct flavour comes from mahleb and mastic. However, Terkenlis has taken the ‘tsoureki’ to the next level. Their brioche with chesnut cream is the reason why you buy two instead of one! Other flavours available are lemon, orange, Hios cream or walnut praline. If you can’t get enough, do not despair: they even have two stores at Athens Venizelos Airport for your last minute shopping.

We are curious to hear from you: what are the best pastry shops Athens according to you? And which is your favourite Greek sweet?


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