5 reasons to visit Thessaloniki

5 reasons to visit Thessaloniki


Are you still wondering whether visiting Thessaloniki is a good idea? You are not sure if it’s worth it? And you don’t know if there would be enough things to do in this city? Well, we have 5 reasons that will answer all your doubts and questions! Come visit Thessaloniki,

For the amazing food

People in Thessaloniki take food very seriously. It is the city where you will find great food to feed your appetite, at any time of the day. Start your day with a fresh “koulouri” and find countless choices of souvlaki shops, meze places and great restaurants for every taste throughout the day. Discover the city’s gastronomy, with a multicultural past full of flavor and culinary traditions. The craft of filo pastry and “Bougatsa” that the refugees from Constantinople brought with them. The tradition of crunchy pies the Pontic Greeks knew best. And the art of aromatic dishes and mouthwatering desserts people from Asia Minor have mastered. Add to this the effort of young chefs in taking Thessaloniki’s gastronomy a step further.

Visit Thessaloniki bougatsa

For the great weather

When the weather in Athens is too hot to walk around, the temperature in Thessaloniki can be perfect for it. It still gets quite hot in the summer, yet the fresh sea breeze allows the city to “breathe”, lowering the temperature. If you prefer cooler weather conditions, Thessaloniki’s spring is also ideal for city walks. And if you need some time to relax after a long walk, the waterfront is always a nice choice. Which brings us to next reason to visit Thessaloniki,

For the sea

Thessaloniki is a port city, built on the gulf of Thermaikos. Almost every vertical street of this city ends to the waterfront. And that for sure makes it a city hard to get lost in. The view to the sea can make you forget about the busy streets and focus on the serenity of the water. You can enjoy great views to the sea from the top of old town’s Acropolis, a bench under the trees of Nea Paralia or even from one of the many cafés at the waterfront.

Reasons to visit Thessaloniki

For the nightlife

Whenever you visit Thessaloniki, no matter the season, the day or the time, you will find out that this city never sleeps. Though much smaller than Athens, Thessaloniki offers plentiful, great nightlife choices. Nice cocktail and wine bars, small clubs or even “Bouzoukia” with Greek music for you to choose from. People like going out even on week days for a drink with friends. When the weather is good, you will also see people hanging out outside the bars, chatting and having a cool beer. Just join them!

Thessaloniki nightlife

Whatever your budget

Thessaloniki is a city for every budget! Whether you are backpacking or love luxury, sure thing is you will have the chance to enjoy yourself at the maximum. For those who love the experience of backpacking, Thessaloniki is a very friendly city; a safe place, with people always happy to help. The city also has one of the largest university students’ community across the country, which makes it really open and vibrant. The wealth of food choices make it also easy to taste great food, no matter your budget. You will find not only amazing street food for a few euros but also haute cuisine restaurants with extraordinary dishes. Besides, the city’s hotels offer top quality services, honoring the spirit of Greek hospitality.

Need more reasons to visit Thessaloniki? Just have a look at our website and find out about all the hidden gems, the history and the special character of this beautiful city.

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