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Tasting Thessaloniki’s gastronomic delights is like touring in centuries of history. Though not many people know it, this city is a heaven for foodies. It offers a number of ways to experience its flavors and each one of them will be memorable. From delis, to traditional recipes, vineyards and New Greek cuisine, here are some of the places you will love.

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This special restaurant opened in 2013 as a cooperative by a team of 12 young people. Though nowadays the team has changed and runs the place as a traditional business, the food is equally good. The original goal was to serve food made with love, inspired by products from the Greek land. And it has been more than achieved. Apart from the food, Thessalonians love Sebriko for its atmosphere and its unique location. You will find it close to the city’s courthouse, emerging behind the remains of the Walls in a peaceful scenery.

To Pantopolio tis Thessalonikis

A grocery store in the heart of the city, where a foodie’s dreams come true. With knowledge on food trade of more than 90 years, Pantopolio can please even the pickiest costumer. Dive into a world of Greek and international food products, cheeses, cold cuts and so much more. The large range of pasta, chocolates and jars of Greek sauces, jams and pickles will make it hard to resist. And so will the seasonings, the mustards and the teas in their pretty packaging. Organic choices are also available at the bio section next door.


Would you like to visit an original Greek milk shop? What about tasting some delicious traditional desserts? Just above Agios Dimitrios church, a vintage little shop keeps making things the good old way. Full fat yogurt from sheep’s milk is what they are famous for, and for good reason. The two cousins, both named Giannis, continue what their uncle started back in 1957. They make excellent quality products from sheep milk, like cream, ice cream and “rizogalo”: a simple dessert like a creamy rice pudding that women used to make with leftover milk back in the day. Give it a try!

Patsas 92 

“Patsas” is probably the most famous soup among the lovers of traditional Greek cuisine. It is a beef tripe with the addition of beef legs. At Patsas 92 beef tripe is their signature dish since 1996, when they first opened. The restaurant is famous for its modern facilities and and distinguishable by its cleanness. Except from tripe, you can also try traditional cooked meals, such as pastitsio, artichokes “a la polita” and dolmades.

Ktima Gerovassiliou

Just 25 kilometers southeast from Thessaloniki you can visit one of the most famous vineyards in Greece. Domain Gerovassiliou operates in the vine and wine sector since 1981, and is exclusively located at Epanomi. All wines bear a Protected Geographical Indication as the region has been known for wine-making for around 1,500 years now. Visit the beautiful winery and allow the picturesque scenery to enchant you. After your wine tasting, discover the history of vinification with a visit to the Wine Museum.

gastronomy of Thessaloniki


Follow the locals on a Saturday noon and they will lead you here. It’s a hidden gem of Thessaloniki’s gastronomy, among the old textile and clothing artisanships. The interior design has co-opted the industrial and minimal character of the area. The open kitchen permits all the aromas and sounds of cooking to fill the room. The chef uses seasonal ingredients to compose his menu. From the tender grilled meats, to the fragrant truffle oil fries and the scrumptious mushroom risotto, every dish is to die for!


Ergon Agora is one of the most pleasant surprises for foodies in Thessaloniki. Firstly, the space: an old cinema that has been transformed into a stunning food court. Secondly, the selection of premium quality Greek products from local companies and the ERGON brand. And thirdly, the delectable menu based primarily on Mediterranean flavors. And if you visit Ergon on a weekend morning, don’t miss out on trying their brunch. The poached eggs on koulouri with Greek yogurt and spicy oil is a true food poem.

Find your way around Thessaloniki’s gastronomy and you will love every bit of it. Do you have a special food desire? Something you want to taste during your visit in Thessaloniki?

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