Thessaloniki street food

Try out Thessaloniki street food in these 3+1 spots


Every city has its food habits and the best way to taste them is street food; Hidden gems where the locals like to stop for a quick bite. So, we have chosen 4 of Thessaloniki street food places to whet your palate. Are you ready for some strolling?


The shop is named after its owner’s surname, Ikosidios, which means the man of twenty two. His persona is famous in the city from a successful ‘90s comedy TV show, but mostly for his delicious souvlakia! Without any doubt, this is one of Thessalonians favorite street food places. He grills souvlakia (skewers) on a special barbeque of his own invention. Fire, a few spins of the skewers, salt, pepper and some lemon drops for the finishing touch; this is the secret of the crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside souvlakia of 22.

Thessaloniki street food

The Last Slice

At Last Slice we can say they have mastered the craft of pizza dough. And besides, they use great quality toppings and a delicious tomato sauce. Big slices of thin and crispy crust with Italian flavors and Greek twists. Hot pizzas come out of the wood-fired oven every 5 minutes. The tempting smell invites you the moment you turn the corner. On rush hours you will find locals queuing for a hot slice. But you know, where there is a queue, there is good food.

Jerry’s Foodtruck 

Talking about queues, Jerry’s Foodtruch is another Thessaloniki street food spot you might find one. The “truck” is parked inside a small shop at Pavlou Mela St., near Agias Sofias church. Here you can taste sweet and savory flavors, prepared and cooked on demand. Most of their recipes are unexpected combinations of international street food. Like the Hotdognut, a hot dog with doughnut dough. We love the tsourekaki (Greek Easter bun) topped with warm hazelnut praline. Heaven!

Bougatsa Sarri

Bougatsa and filo pastries are Thessaloniki street foods with long history; since 1922, when bougatsa first came to the city. Today, you will meet people buying a bougatsa for breakfast on the way to the office. Or having a piece of spinach pie while on the run. So why not try a piece of Bougatsa Sarri, on your walk around the city? The family business runs since 1955 and was recently moved in this cute little shop. Except from their handmade bougatsa, they bake daily a variety of delicacies for every taste.

Bougatsa Thessaloniki

From morning till night, Thessaloniki street food has something delicious to offer! What was your favorite street food on your day around Thessaloniki?

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