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Athens Travel: where to find the best souvenirs in Athens


Some people let out a sigh of despair when they think of the upcoming ‘souvenir hunt’ before they return home again. It is always challenging to take something original back home, that will please the ones who’ve stayed behind. But… shopping for souvenirs in Athens is different, it is fun! And it will be even more fun if you have a look at the items and stores we selected for you. Now, you can bring home something trendy and creative!

Original souvenirs in Athens

Colour Greece

Turn your journey into a beautiful souvenir with these coloring travel guides. The designers have selected certain sights and give you the opportunity to color them in, and you can read a short story about is as well. Two enthusiastic friends with a background in Fine Arts & Design have created several coloring guides, allowing you to give Greece your personal touch. Athens, Crete, Thessaloniki, Santorini and Cyclades are available already, so there is plenty of choice. On second thought: it may be better to buy two of those beautiful books because it is a wonderful pastime while sipping a Greek frappé!

color athens


Be prepared to see heads turning your way when you walk the streets wearing UGLYBELL sunglasses. These handcrafted, hand-engraved and hand-painted sunglasses are a simple must-have. It is the perfect, unique souvenir from Athens and the great thing about them is that you will be able to enjoy them for a long time. Nicholas, the artist/designer, had started creating his own sunglasses and people kept commenting and asking where they could buy them. This is how his initial hobby turned into a business idea. One of the boutiques selling his glasses is Kirki’s Eye,¬†but you may find some other souvenirs there too! (You see, hunting for souvenirs in Athens is fun!)


We believe that this is a lovely different souvenir of Athens! Birds, fish, butterflies and other animals will turn your boring walls into a ‘living’ piece of art. The items are made of aluminum and painted in bright colours, almost bringing them to life. They are affordable, ultra light and easy to take with you. The most difficult part is choosing which one you like best. The collection is available at the Benaki Museum store, so you can double enjoy your visit! Isn’t it a great way to thank your neighbour for watering your plants while you were away?


Greek traditional heritage… in a bottle! If you would like to take a bit of Greece back home, ouzo is an obvious solution. At GoGreek they have combined the best of two worlds, Greek heritage and ouzo, to make the perfect souvenir. Small bottles with sleeve labels depicting traditional costumes, Greek gods or heroes are cheerful reminders of the great time you spent in Greece, long after you have emptied the bottle! The award-winning series also include magnets, coasters, mugs and games, so there is something for everyone.


Forget Me Not

One of the positive sides of the Greek crisis is that many, mostly young people have decided to pursue their dreams. This has led to a creativity ‘boom’ with some wonderful results. Forget Me Not is a store where young Greek designers showcase their works of art; textiles, accessories, tableware and many more objects. While roaming the streets of Plaka where you will find products made of olive wood and other, more common souvenirs, you will encounter Forget Me Not in Adrianou Street.

Now that you have learned about some of the best souvenirs in Athens you can sigh with relief! Make some space in your suitcase and remember to treat yourself to a reminder of Athens!

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