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Thessaloniki cafes: 7 coffee shops in Thessaloniki you will love


In Thessaloniki we love meeting our friends and having a nice conversation over a cup of coffee. “Let’s go for a coffee!” might be the most common phrase in this city. Therefore, it is not to wonder why it has the most cafes per capita than any other European city. So, here is a list with 7 of our favorite Thessaloniki cafes you will love.


A hidden gem even to locals located in the heart of the city center, at the entrance of “Kapani” Food Market. The owners decided to transform the previous shoe shop into a friendly coffee and meze place. What makes it special is the unique design of the shop. Traditional kitchenware decorate the minimalistic space, while natural materials and colors give a fresh and warm feeling. We love having a well done Greek coffee next to their wood heater on a cold day.

Greek coffee


What about a cup of coffee in a listed building from 1912? A team of talented architectures and designers remodeled and decorated the space, keeping its original character. When you enter Tabya, you will feel like visiting a friends’ house. Custom made furniture, paintings, vases with flowers, full bookcases and vintage items fill the cozy rooms. Also, the beautiful yard by the side of the Byzantine Wall ruins rank Tabya high in our Thessaloniki cafes list.

The Blues Bar

We like to combine a good coffee with a nice view. At The Blues Bar you will have the chance to drink your coffee gazing at the ruins of the Roman Forum. Nothing better than enjoying the sun at the patio of this cafe. And if it’s rainy, have a nice cappuccino indoors with a view from the glass walls.

Pasta Flora Darling 

One of the most well-known Thessaloniki cafes at the cool alley of Zefxidos. The decoration will remind you of your childhood at your grandmother’s house. You will feel like someone has turned the clock back. Kitsch ornaments, 70’s wallpapers, fer forge furniture and funky colors fill this one-of-a-kind cafe. Hot chocolate in different flavors is their specialty. The white one is our favorite, always served in an old fashion cup!

Paraty & Loft 

In a renovated warehouse at the historical site of Ladadika you will find Paraty and Loft. A bright, high ceiling, welcoming space, decorated with taste to the detail. Throughout the three floors, you can have a nice cozy corner with big rugs and the comfortable sofas to relax. Jazzy tunes and a live piano will tingle your ears while you enjoy your brew.

Thessaloniki coffee shops


If you like busy cafes though, where something is always going on, Noon is your place! A posh place on Mitropoleos street with modern design and trendy people. Special espresso blends served in beautiful cups, with a nice touch of latte art. As it is a favorite lunch break point for the close by businesses, their cold bites are also delicious.


Close to the White Tower get the chance to enjoy a nice Greek coffee at Youkali. A cafe with the atmosphere of an old “kafeneio”, where men used to gather in past decades. The wide windows let the light come through and brighten the big space. Pots with flowers and plants decorate the ledges, while old maps hang on the walls. The smiling waiter and the complimentary traditional treats will sweeten your day!

Have you already tried any of these Thessaloniki cafes?

Take your friends, your book, your dog or just yourself and enjoy a nice coffee today! How do you like your coffee?


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