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Top 3 + 1 things to do in Athens


When you set foot in Athens, you instantly vow to come back to this beautiful city. Culture, history, sounds, colours, flavours, you name it and Athens has it. And no matter what age you are; this place is so wonderful because the city has something to offer for everyone and every generation appreciates its charm. If you only have time for the top 3+1 things to do in Athens, scroll down!

In Athens, the most important sites are in close proximity to each other. If you go for a stroll, you will encounter many of the interesting places on your way. Besides, the metro system is extensive and will quickly take you from one side of the city to the other. You can easily decide on the spot what to see and where to go next.

Let’s check out the top 3 + 1 things to do in Athens

Visit Parthenon

If only those marbles could talk! This former temple is perched on the top of the Acropolis and its construction started in 447 BC. And the things that this building has been through in the past 2,500 years…

Your climb up the hill (please, wear comfortable walking shoes and bring water) will be rewarded with a splendid view!

Stroll through Agora

If you are into some more contemporary vibes, head to the Agora, the Athens Open Market between the metro station of Omonia and Monastiraki and you will experience the authentic Greek market with vendors loudly advertising their products. Wouldn’t you want to shop here on a daily basis?

Watch the Evzones

No visit to Athens is complete without watching the impressive change of guards at the Parliament on Syntagma Square. The ‘grand’ change (with the parade) takes place on Sunday mornings at 11 and is well worth the watch. There also is a change that takes place every hour if you just want to admire their slow, synchronized moves and their beautiful traditional attire.

Things to do in Athens Euzones

Taste some local food & drinks

Assuming you started the day with a Greek coffee or a frappé, what will you eat for lunch? You must try a ‘souvlaki’, a pita bread filled with meat, onion, tomato and the famous Greek tzatziki. Now, isn’t that the best street food you ever had? It is a complete meal, indeed! Accompany that with a refreshing beer from the numerous microbreweries from all over Greece. Life is good!

The list of things to do in Athens is endless…

If you wish to get off the beaten path, you can stroll around the lovely neighbourhoods with taverns serving delicious, authentic food. Close to the taverns are countless cafes where you can soak up the late summer sun and engage with the locals, who will love telling you where to go next.

For those into art, there are lots of museums, studios, and workshops and besides the random scribbles, there is truly amazing graffiti artwork all over the city.

Enjoy your time in Athens! If you realize at the end of your stay that you were too short on time, don’t worry: plan your next trip to Athens while sipping some mastic liqueur or tsipouro and taking in the magnificent view from Lycabettus Hill.

What are your top 3 things to do in Athens? Which place did you not manage to visit and would like to see next time?


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