A Sunday in Athens- when in Greece…


… do as the Greeks! For most Greeks, Sunday is a day off work and people try to get the most out of their day. They usually spend the day with family or friends, the more the merrier. If you want to live like a local on a Sunday in Athens, you start the day with coffee. Choose any of the countless attractive cafes and try a freddo, frappé or traditional Greek coffee. Did you know that the first two are Greek inventions by the way?

For some people, Sunday morning is synonym to reading the newspaper, because Greek papers contain lots of opinionated articles and commentaries on the news. It is definitely worth checking out the ‘package’ that comes with the Sunday edition; the magazines inside are very interesting and something that many eagerly await all week. For you, it may the perfect moment to plan the rest of your Sunday in Athens.

Sunday morning in Athens is all about the change of the Presidential Guard at the Monument of the Unknown Soldier at Syntagma Square. At 11am the ceremony takes place, which promises to be a stunning spectacle time and time again.

Next, stretching your legs before heading to the taverna is a very good idea (really!). Philopappos Hill offers a lovely walk in a unexpected green part of Athens and rewards you with a magnificent view of the city that lies at your feet. It doesn’t matter in which neighborhood you return after your walk, since each area has its own tavernas that serve Mama’s home-cooked food.

If you spot lots of locals and lots of dishes, you know you have arrived at the right place. It will be a memorable lunch, that’s for sure! Keep in mind that eating at a Greek taverna is a very relaxed thing to do. People can spend hours there, especially if they order meze (many different bites) instead of a single dish. The moment you are convinced there is no space for anything else, the waiter serves a new treat. Nom-nom!

You may want to drink some lovely, Greek wine with your meal. Have you tried the house-wines from the barrel? If you want to become more local, this is the right moment to have a tsipouro, a Greek spirit. Have some of this empowering drink and practise your Greek – it is the best moment to connect with the locals and make new friends! Have you noticed how time has flown by?

After a stroll in one of the popular neighborhoods at the foot of the Acropolis (how about Apostolou Pavlou Street; there are lots of street vendors and many cafes), you may want to explore the interesting little streets of Psyri. With its tiny boutiques and artistic vibe, you will definitely love this part of your Sunday in Athens. Each alley hides yet another gem and there are so many beautiful graffiti works to admire. Additionally, Psyri is home to many outstanding bars and a vibrant nightlife, making it the perfect place to finish your exploration of Athens. How about masticha (mastic liquor) for a nightcap?

However, if your Sunday in Athens turns out to be a real SUNday, head for the beach in the morning! Enjoy the crystal clear waters at a Blue Flag beach which guarantees a fun-filled day at the sea. And before heading to your hotel in the evening, dig into Greece’s super-delicious, mouthwatering, scrumptious souvlaki. Have a cold beer with it and your Sunday in Athens will be one you will never forget!

How was your Sunday in Athens? We hope you had a great time!


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Epiculiar - A Sunday in Athens- when in Greece…