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Reinventing beer: 7 Greek beers you didn’t know about


Greece is famous for its excellent olive oil, exceptional ouzo, delicious food and great wines, but Greek beers are usually not mentioned on the list of must-try Greek products, which is very unfair. Beer may not have its roots in Greece, but it certainly is a popular drink, especially in summertime.

You find the big names in every fridge, in every bar, but next time you order a beer, try one of the Greek beers from our list. You will not regret it!

1. Nissos

Nissos microbrewery in Tinos Island (Cyclades) started operating in 2012, in the midst of the crisis. Inspired by Frank Zappa, they wanted to produce good beer and provide hope and work at a time of severe economic hardship. The brewery produces Nissos Pilsner, which won the silver 2014 European Beer Star award. It also brews an organic all day lager and a strong dark pilsner.

2. Volkan

One of Santorini’s breweries is named after its volcano: Volkan, and one of its gems is Volkan Grey; definitely the refreshing beer you want to try during these hot days in Greece!

3. Red Donkey

Another Santorini brewery, the Santorini Brewing Company, has been winning hearts since 2011 and their Red Donkey beer is fruity and rich colored. The easily recognizable label with a donkey on it is an eye-catcher and the distinctive flavors will surely win your heart.

4. Katsika

Goat. Yes, it refers to another animal that is fondly associated with Greece. However, this beer comes from the beautiful island of Folegandros. Remember to blend in with the locals and having a beer with them will make you some new friends!

 5. Septem

Septem brewery started operating in 2009 in Evia Island and Sunday’s Honey Golden Ale has won numerous awards. Their philosophy is that beer is not simply a refreshing summer drink, but it offers gastronomic pleasure, just like wine, whiskey and coffee.

6. Chios

You may know the island of Chios for its mastic trees, but from on you will also remember it for this beer. Chios beer is a must when trying Greek products and it is relatively new on the market. It shows how young people in Greece are persistent despite the economic crisis and the difficulties they encounter.

7. Fonias

It is called ‘Killer’, but this has nothing to do with the alcohol percentage of this delicious beer that is brewed in Samothrace. It is named after the big waterfall that the island is famous for. This beer is still very young as the first bottles were only produced in 2016. Surely you can help this baby grow during your stay in Greece!

Greek microbrewery

Surely this list will help you out when you wonder what to order next time. Now, ‘grabbing a beer’ will definitely leave a memorable impression! And remember: these new players are also great company when you are having dinner.

Crack a cold one open on a hot summer eve and dance the night away… it’s your holiday, your party!

Which Greek beers do you like most? Have you already visited a microbrewery in Greece?


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