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Best bars in Athens and Thessaloniki to visit this weekend


It is hard to think about bars in Athens and Thessaloniki while enjoying the tranquility of the islands at the end of the summer… The happy buzz of the cicadas definitely beats any other beat! When you are back in town though, you can spend many wonderful nights at many bars, enjoying spectacular views while sipping from that perfect drink. Why keep all this information to ourselves and not share it with you?

Three unforgettable nights in Athens…


Visited by locals and visitors from all over the world, Brettos is the oldest distillery in Athens as it started operating in 1909. It is located in Plaka, in the historic center of Athens. The building is 200 years old and the decor is a wall of coloured bottles that are lit from behind, which creates a very interesting contrast. Try their homemade ouzo, any of the 36 different types of liqueur or their brandy (3,5 or 7 star).

The Clumsies

They share the belief that we should not only judge a bartender on the impeccable execution of a recipe, but also by the way he connects with customers. This bar has quickly gained thanks to the fantastic cocktails and great atmosphere it provides as the bartenders actually engage with the visitors.


This bar offers great views of the Acropolis and the surrounding area. It is located in Monastiraki, in the heart of the city. Start your day with a visit to the Acropolis, stroll the quaint streets of Plaka and finish your day with food and drinks at 360° They have many non-alcoholic cocktails as well. It is not difficult to create everlasting memories in Greece!

Athens bar

And three awesome nights in Thessaloniki….

Urania Bar

Visitors rated Urania as the best rooftop bar in Thessaloniki. They created the perfect atmosphere and if you combine that with spectacular views and delicious finger food… Have you got any plans for tonight?

Vogatsikou 3

When smokers congratulate you on your non-smoking policy, you must be doing something right!

This is where you get the best cocktails in town – need we say more?

Les Zazous

You find Les Zazous just outside the center of town, in the popular Kalamaria area. Here you can enjoy dinner here and finish the night in style. This bar-restaurant offers one of the most beautiful views of Thermaikos Gulf in Thessaloniki. Why should you not treat yourself to the best?

It speaks for itself that this list could go on and on… Use it as an inspiration and let us know which bars in Athens and Thessaloniki we should add to the list! Which bar is your favourite and why?


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