Reasons to fall for fall in Thessaloniki


Thessaloniki is an enchantress who can make you fall for her no matter the season. However, the city of love, as the Greeks call it, has a special charm during autumn. And, although you might be dreaming of summer holidays in Greece, we have some really good reasons for you to pack your bags for an autumn getaway:

Best weather to stroll around

This is the time of the year when the weather is as sweet as can be: neither too hot nor too cold, ideal for long walks. Expect some really shiny and warm mornings but chilly evenings, so make sure you bring the appropriate clothing. Go sightseeing, walk along the romantic waterfront or spend some hours shopping downtown. In the evening, when the temperature goes down, enjoy hot chestnuts from a street vendor. If it happens to rain, hide in one of the numerous cozy cafes and enjoy a ‘diplo elliniko’, a large Greek coffee.

This city never sleeps

As autumn is the season when many students come to Thessaloniki to start their University semester, the city never sleeps. Experience the nightlife at its best, with various parties always taking place for all tastes in music. Little taverns usually host musicians for live ‘rebetiko’, a great opportunity to mix with the locals and try local spirits. Get lost in the vibrant area of Ladadika and drink rakomelo until the next morning. Don’t forget: this honey-flavored hot spirit is perfect for sore throats as well!

It’s movie time

For the last 59 years, Thessaloniki has been hosting an International Film Festival every November. It’s a celebration of the global independent cinema featuring films by innovative filmmakers, touching tributes, as well as other parallel events around the city. The screenings are hosted in some of the most historic venues of Thessaloniki, the  “Olympion” and “Pavlos Zanas” theaters, and at the atmospheric industrial cinemas of the Port. After the movie, follow the smell in Aristotelous Square that will lead you to the famous “tsoureki of Terkenlis”, a mouthwatering brioche bread covered in white or dark chocolate. We will say no more, you already know what we are talking about!

Last but not least, fall is also a season when prices are lower, tickets are cheaper and there are fewer crowds in museums and famous sights. If you are a laid-back person, that wants to visit the most laid-back city in the world, then choose the most laid-back season to do so!

Who’s ready to fall for fall?

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Epiculiar - Reasons to fall for fall in Thessaloniki