Top Athens tourist attractions: don’t miss them!


So many things to see and so little time… Don’t worry though! To get the most of your stay in Athens, we listed the top Athens tourist attractions for you. The only thing you need to do is wear your walking shoes, put on some sunscreen, a hat and… off you go! Combine this information with our recommendations for the best street food in Athens and get ready for an unforgettable day in this vibrant, historic city!

The ultimate Athens tourist attractions:

Evzones – Change of the Guards

It is always a feast for the eye to watch the beautifully synchronized change of the guards at Syntagma Square, right in front of the Greek Parliament. The Evzones guard the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and stand guard for one hour, 3 times every 48 hours.

Open Air Cinema Thiseion

Picture the following scene on a Greek summer night: a walled garden, lovely temperatures, a good movie and… the Acropolis in the background. These are undoubtedly the best ingredients for a unique night out in Athens. All foreign movies in Greece are subtitled rather than dubbed, so you are in for a wonderful experience. Don’t forget to share a selfie with your friends back home!

Adrianou Street

You may find this street quite touristy, but it has a great vibe and it certainly is not boring. Adrianou street gives you plenty of things to see while you leisurely stroll and purchase some souvenirs to take home. There are also many little restaurants in the area, so you can easily spend an afternoon here.

Avyssinias Square

If you visit Monastiraki area on a Sunday, make sure you go to Avyssinias Square. It may seem that all Athenians have emptied their attics and they are selling pretty much everything; from books to chandeliers, clothes to trinkets. As is always the case with flea-markets: you need to take your time and then you always discover a gem!

Varvakios agora Athens attractions

Varvakeios Central Market

This could be easily pinpointed as the heart of the city. In the early morning, vendors fill their stalls with meat, fish, fruits and vegetables and a day full of hustle and bustle ensues. The vendors in the stalls that surround the market sell anything from herbs to cheese, coffee to nuts and dried fruits. If you are a foodie, this lively market should be on your list.

Philopappous Hill

It goes without saying that you will visit the Acropolis during your stay in Athens, but for breathtaking views of the Acropolis (and pretty much the rest of Athens), you should climb this hill. We recommend you do this in the late afternoon so that you can enjoy the view when the sun sets and the lights go on. Get ready for some magic…

Mount Lycabettus Athens Attractions

Mount Lycabettus

Do you want the view but not the climb? We’ve got you! It is possible to take a taxi up Mount Lycabettus, but you can also take the funicular railway in Aristippou street in Kolonaki area to add some more uniqueness to your day out. Be prepared for amazing views and visit the little, traditional church of St. George that will give you a sense of the Greek islands.

Did you manage to visit all the Athens tourist attractions we proposed? Which is your number 1 attraction?

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