It’s Thessaloniki wine bar o’ clock!


What would you think about a glass of wine, after a long day walk in the city? Thessaloniki loves wine and Northern Greece has some of the most famous wineries in the country. Get the chance to try some whites, reds and rosés and enjoy yourself at these 7, lovely wine bars.

Thessaloniki wine bar time!

White Rabbit 

When Alice followed the White Rabbit, she found herself in Wonderland! Following their White Rabbit, its owners turned their vision into a place where you can be yourself and feel comfortable. They managed to transform an old warehouse into a wine bar with minimal aesthetics and arty touches. Jazz, funk and soul music, live gigs, art exhibitions, theatre performances and a special menu will accompany your wine.


This is a place where you can feel Great. It has a warm atmosphere that will instantly make you feel cozy. The lighting candles, the soft music, the homey decoration and the friendly personnel contribute to it. Taste a nice Greek wine and enjoy the complimentary bites. And if you ask for a bit more, the light menu will satisfy your appetite.


Souel is the definition of a wine bar counter, as it consists only of a small circular bar. Sisters Tania and Eleni wanted to make a place where new and old friends could meet and enjoy fine wines. Taste a glass of local or imported labels from Australia, Chile, New Zealand or South Africa. And if you really liked your wine, you can take a bottle home as well.

Coq Au Zen

A little, hidden gem in a small arcade, where you will find locals relaxing throughout the week. The moment you find yourself behind the blue curtains, you will feel like entering a French bistro. The smell of the freshly baked tarts will hypnotize you and the velvet soups will steal your heart. Special themed music nights featuring swing, jazz and soul will even pull the Coq out of its Zen!


This wine bar and restaurant matches luxury and quality with a casual and friendly atmosphere.  Chilai’s vibrant space includes themed nights, guest Djs and a list of more than 100 wine etiquettes. Friday and Saturday nights feel like a party, with people of all ages filling the pedestrian area outside. The hanging garden inside the building, though, is the key feature that will impress you the most!

7 Ktimata 

7 Ktimata is a wine bistro that pays tribute to wine making in the region of Macedonia. It showcases 50 unique wine labels from 7 selected vineyards, along with traditional Greek wine by-products, such as Tsipouro. The chef prepares special dishes with local products for perfect food and wine pairings. Let the personnel guide you through the menu and enjoy a tranquil night out.


Would you prefer a more exclusive and unique wine tasting experience? If yes, then arrange your private wine tasting at Bientot, and let Maria guide you through the paths of Greek winemaking. Maria works alongside producers who represent a modern, more affective, natural and intuitive culture of winemaking. The selection of labels comes from the most unexpected small wineries of the Greek mainland and islands. Her beautiful wine shop will make you feel more like you’ve been invited to a friend’s house.

The ancient Greeks loved to organize intellectual gatherings called “symposia” (from «συμπίνειν» sympinein, “to drink together”) where they would drink wine, eat and discuss different topics, mainly philosophical. How about having your own symposio tonight? Let us know which one was your favorite Thessaloniki wine bar!


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