Travel Trade Athens 2018

Travel Trade Athens 2018 – Epiculiar is going to be there again!


Travel Trade Athens 2018: 8 and 9 October

It’s that time of the year again! On 8 and 9 October operators from all over the globe will be visiting Athens to attend the Travel Trade Athens 2018. The City of Athens Convention & Visitors Bureau (ACVB) organizes the event in cooperation with the European Association of Tour Operators (ETOA). Epiculiar is excited to be at the TTA once again, after our successful participation last year!

Travel Trade Athens event

Discover new products at the TTA

For buyers, this is a unique opportunity to develop relationships with leading tourism suppliers in Greece. During the two-day event, buyers get the opportunity to discover new products and experiences. Last year, visitors loved it when they realized what Athens has to offer beyond the well-known gems from ancient times.

International participants

For suppliers, it is their chance to attend pre-scheduled meetings with top tour operators from across the globe. Last year, operators from 35 countries representing Europe, USA, Asia and Australia attended TTA. Over 3,000 business- to- business meetings were hosted in just one day!

Meet with Epiculiar!

Last year’s Travel Trade Athens was a very fruitful opportunity to connect with operators who want to discover Athens from a different perspective. The tremendous interest that international operators showed in our concept, proves once again that travelers and tour operators appreciate our approach. We at Epiculiar firmly believe that our guests are friends that we have not met yet and every meeting always turns out to be a wonderful get together, for both the hosts and the guests.


We are looking forward to meeting our new partners; see you soon at Travel Trade Athens 2018. And if you don’t get the chance to meet us during the event, get in touch with us. We’d love to clink glasses on a new cooperation that lets your guests experience Greece in a different way.

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Epiculiar - Travel Trade Athens 2018 – Epiculiar is going to be there again!