A city-trip to Athens with kids; bring it on!


Kids. You gotta love them! But we’ve all been there when they start nagging and boy, can it ruin your well-deserved holiday. A visit to the dentist may suddenly sound quite appealing when they start complaining about your plans to visit a … dreaded, boring museum. Did you dare to bring up … history? Well, fear not: a city-trip to Athens with kids can be great fun. Of course, it takes some planning to create a balance so that both you and your children vow to come back before you have even left the city. Let your children participate in making plans for your stay in this bustling city, and show them that their opinion matters. Asking them for their help with mapping the route keeps them involved and educates them at the same time. Here are some ideas that will surely contribute to a wonderful stay in this city with such a rich history and vivid present and future.

Athens by night Acropolis

The Acropolis

Visiting this famous landmark is a memorable experience for young and old. A visit to the Acropolis can be entertaining and educational at the same time. When you are up there, ask your children to tell you about the Acropolis. What was the city like in the ancient times? How did people dress? And if you bring binoculars, challenge them to find certain landmarks on the map. (Correct answers deserve ice cream!)

The Acropolis Museum

Some children dread museums, afraid as they are about endless boring stories about days from the past. The new Acropolis Museum will change their perception as it offers parents and their children wonderful opportunities to discover the museum in a different way. Several hosts are available to answer questions that may arise during your visit and in the Lab on the second floor that gives parents and children alike an interesting insight in the Acropolis, its construction and history. Did someone say Lego?

Attica Zoological Park

Your children will be thrilled going on this day trip! Moreover, you will have a good time too because the Park offers you the whole package. You are outdoors, the kids are happy and on top of that they are learning something as well. Visit Bunnyland with the youngest ones, shiver as a family in the Reptile House and enjoy a picnic while lying on the grass, gazing at the gentle giraffes that are parading in front of you. And at night, when the children have been tucked in, you can enjoy a drink while listening to the cicadas serenading you.

Photo credits: Lonely Planet

The Change of the Guards

The Evzones are members of the Presidential Guard, dressed in their famous traditional attire and they stand guard at the Monument of the Unknown Soldier. Although they change shift every hour, the most impressive change takes place on Sunday morning at 11 am. The ceremony is a feast for the eye as the Evzones do their routine and synchronized moves. Afterwards, treat yourselves to some traditional Greek doughnuts, at Lukumades.

Graffiti walk

Psyrri and Exarheia are neighborhoods that your teenagers will love. There is a special vibe in the streets of these areas, slightly rebellious but also very artistic. Many walls have been scribbled on or wanna-be artists have left their tag, but there is a lot of true art to be admired. Famous graffiti artists are sending out a message and the images are very powerful, giving your teens perfect food for their mobile phone camera.

Hellenic Cosmos

Take your children on a fun trip back to ancient times. It is not exactly a museum, but rather a place where children go on an excursion. The use of technology (3D virtual reality) is a perfect tool to grab their attention and they will have loads of fun during this interesting excursion.

If your children just need to run and play for a while, let them blow off steam at the National Garden off Syntagma Square. Another option is the Stavros Niarchos Park with its unique and child-friendly toys. Great places for the parents as well, as you can sit and relax in an oasis of green while your children play safely.

It is true that the parents’ holidays start when the children are happy. As you see, a city-trip to Athens with kids offers plenty of fun for everybody. Did you discover another gem that we should add to the list? Let us know in the comments below (and thank you on behalf of all the parents!).


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